We Meet!

Melanie, the glamorous and sexy Latina mom.

Deep cleavage and sinfully long red finger nails.

Mujer de Latina encantadora y atractiva.

Stunning Latina babe with sexy legs and wearing high heels.

Deep cleavage, pierced nipples and sinfully long red finger nails.

We met for the first time in the summer of 2005, and when I first laid eyes on Melanie I was looking out my window watching her as she was walking across the parking to my front door, What I saw overwhelmed me. She was absolutely stunning! Melanie was wearing a low cut dress with a flowing skirt and high heels. Her hair was a curly mahogany color and flowed down her back below her shoulders. Even at a distance, I could see that she had an hourglass figure with an ample behind and firm voluptuous breasts. When I answered the door and gazed at her face, she was absolutely gorgeous. She had deep set dark brown eyes, strong rounded cheeks, and a small mouth with thick lips. Her dress was very revealing showing off her deep cleavage. Later, I discovered that her nipples and labia were pierced, and that she had several tastefully done tattoos.

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